Austria-011742 – La Loge aux trois Canons was formed in Vienna on the authority of the Lodge of the Three Skeletons at Breslau which, in turn, had been authorized by the Lodge of the Three Globes in Berlin. Canons is variously translated as Cannons (guns), Firing Glasses, and Canons (rules or principles). Despite Imperial opposition, many other lodges were formed over the next 40 years.

1763 – The French “Clermont high-grade system” was introduced with the formation of the Lodge of the Freethinkers.

1770 – The first of two “Strict Observance” lodges was established, the Lodge of the Three Eagles.

1776 – The Christian system of Scandinavia and part of Germany was introduced, with several lodges under a Provincial Grand Lodge at Vienna.

1784 – In April the National Grand Lodge of Austria was formed, incorporating all the lodges in the Austrian Empire, with lodges in the Provinces of Austria, Bohemia, Lemberg (Galicia), Austrian Lombardy, Transylvania and Hungary; the exception was the Austrian Netherlands, which formed its own Grand Lodge.

1784 – In December, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was initiated in Lodge Charity (Wohltätigkeit).

1785 – By Imperial decree, the number of lodges in Vienna was reduced to three.

1794 – All lodges were closed as the result of a series of decrees.Austria-02

1870 – When Hungary became a separate kingdom within the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and formed the National Grand Lodge of Hungary, Austrian Masons were able to form lodges across the border in Hungary.

1919 – After the end of the First World War, and the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Freemasonry was re-established in Austria with the formation of the Grand Lodge of Vienna for Austria (Grossloge von Wien für Österreich) by the lodges previously chartered in Hungary.

1925 – The Supreme Council of Austria (Oberster Rat für Österreich) was founded on 15 September.

1934 – Nazi persecution of Freemasonry began, and several Austrian lodges closed.

1938 – The Grand Lodge was closed and the Grand Master was imprisoned, then murdered by the Nazis.

Austria-031946 – The Grand Lodge of Vienna for Austria was revived, and soon simplified its name to the Grand Lodge of Austria.