1837 – Royal Victoria Lodge, No. 443 was chartered in Nassau by the United Grand Lodge of England, and a second lodge, Turks Island Forth Lodge, No. 647, was erected on Grand Turk Island in 1855. Both have survived. There were earlier English lodges but they were short-lived. There were also Scottish lodges in the 19th century which did not survive. These were governed by Provincial Grand Lodges.bahamas-02

1898 – The Prince Hall Grand Lodge of New York chartered Royal Eagle Lodge, No. 45 in Nassau, and others in Nassau and Eleuthera between 1929 and 1949.

1950 – The Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the Bahamas was formed by four New York lodges, and now has 26 working lodges throughout the Bahamas, in amity with the English, Irish and Scottish lodges.

1967 – Lodge St. Michael, No. 1634, is the oldest surviving lodge chartered by the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

1983 – The District Grand Lodge of the Bahamas, English Constitution, was formed.

1991 – The District Grand Lodge of the Bahamas, Scottish Constitution, was formed.bahamas-01

2003 – The Grand Lodge of Ireland erected its first lodge in the Bahamas, Providence, No. 928, which meets in Nassau. It is governed by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Jamaica and the Bahamas, Irish Constitution.