1795 – Lodge Independencia was chartered by the Grande Loge Generale Ėcossaise de France; this body was absorbed by the
Grand Orient of France in 1805, and Lodge Independencia was left to its own devices.Belgrano_y_San_Martín
1806 – During the British invasion of Argentina, military lodges of the occupying forces initiated local residents who were formed
into two lodges, Sons of Hiram and Southern Star.
1812 – Several lodges were formed from South American sources.
1821 – The Grand Orient of Spain warranted Lodge Aurora and Lodge Liberty.
1825 – Another Lodge named Southern Star was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.
1846 – All lodges were suppressed by the government.
1853 – The United Grand Lodge of England warranted Excelsior Lodge, No. 617. Several lodges from other sources were revived,
including Lodge Concordia (1853), Constancia (1855), Unión del Plata (1855), and Confraternidad Argentina (1856), with warrants
from the Grand Orient of Brazil and the recently formed Grand Orient of Uruguay. In this period the Grand Orient of
France chartered a lodge, and several lodges were formed by Italian imgrants.
1857 – Seven lodges meeting in Buenos Aires, most of them chartered by the Grand Orient of Uruguay, erected the Central
Grand Lodge of the Argentine.
1858 – The Supreme Council of Uruguay established the Supreme Council of Argentina.San_Martín_en_Buenos_Aires
1858 – Some lodges broke away from the Central Grand Lodge and formed a Federal Grand Orient.
1860 – The United Grand Lodge of England signed a treaty of amity with the Federal Grand Orient, which permitted England to
continue to warrant lodges in Argentina.
1904 – By this date, there were 190 lodges working under three main bodies, The Grand Orient of the Blue Rite, The Grand
Orient of Argentine Rite and the Grand Orient of the Confederated Rite.
1935 – A Supreme Council called Supremo Consejo del Grado 33° del Gran Oriente Federal Argentino was established. It claimed
authority over Craft degrees and developed Craft lodges as Gran Oriente Federal Argentino, which adopted the ritual and practices
of the Grand Orient of France.
1956 – By this date the United Grand Lodge of England had 25 lodges, formed into the District Grand Lodge of South America
(Southern Division) EC.
1957 – The National Grand Lodge of Argentina (which traced its origins to the Central Grand Lodge of 1857 and the Grand OrientSanMartinMausoleum
recognized by England in 1860) united with the Federal Grand Orient of 1935 (which agreed to reform its ‘irregular’ practices), to
become the Gran Logia de la Argentina—just in time to celebrate its centenary, with 400 lodges and around 60,000 members.