One year ago, on September 15th 2015, at the beautiful capital of Brazil – Brasilia – was born The First World Festival of Masonic Arts – Celebration of Apollo.1-final-logo-web

Hosted by Grand Orient of Brazil, under the patronage of MW Brother Marcos Jose da Silva, the Sovereign Grand Master of GOB, supported by thousands of Brazilian Masons, the Festival showed in front of the global contemporary society part of the Treasury of our Craft, and Masterpieces of the Masonic Culture.

Brazilian Freemasonry welcomed all of us from the bottom of their hearts with great hospitality.

Together – Brethren from different countries and cultures – we lived in Peace and Harmony, lucky to be part of the auditory for great performance of Masonic music, Lectures about the roots and the deep Symbolism of the Masonic Culture, and to enjoy hundreds of Masterpieces from Masonic artists in our General Exhibition.

Today, we would like to say Thank you to the Brazilian Brethren, who spent months in preparation of the Festival, who was on their post day and night, and gave all their positive energy to create something new, something bigger than we dreamed, something lighter than we can imagine. All of you will live in our hearts forever!

Thank you:

MW Brother Marcos Jose da Silva,

Honorable Grand Ambassador RW Brother Paulo Alves Koo,

Honorable Ambassadors Jose Arimateia Soares de Almeida, Jose Augusto de Araujo Rodrigues , Derli Klusener, Joao Francisco Guimaraes, Carlos Cesar Batista Sousa, Silvio de Souza Cardim, Helio Pereira Leite, Jose Eduardo de Miranda, Seridiao Correia Montenegro, Euclesio Ribeiro da Silva, Luis Carlos de Castro Coelho, Jose de Jesus Billio Mendes, Ney Alves de Arruda, Nelson Vieira de Souza, Amintas de Araujo Xavier, Raimundo Farias, Aderaldo Pereira de Olivera,  Wilson Picler, Jose Flavio Chaves Barbosa Junior de Britto, Francisco Jose de Sousa, Francisco Otavio Figueiredo Salgueiro, Edimo Muniz Pinho, Luiz Gonzaga de Oliveira, Jorge Colombo Borges, Nelson Rangel Soares Filho, Divino Carlos Gouvea, Wagner Sandoval Barbosa,  Edwin Parra Rocco, Antonio Gavioli, Aristides Rubiao Alves Meira Filho, Egisto Rigoli, Clairton de Santana,  Antonio Ernani Martins,

and Honorable Brethren Joel de Oliveira, Arimar Fabiano Ferreira, Alexandre Dietrich!

Glory to the Grand Orient of Brazil!

Dimitar Mavrov,

Executive Secretary of the AMA

September 15, 2015