Dear Friends of the Masonic Arts,

The Art of the Operative and the Free Masonry always will be Art of the Symbols. The Symbols are our language from the beginning of our Brotherhood and they were, are and will be the only way of teaching the young generations of the future Masters.

The process of understanding the Symbols is a Ladder, from which steps we can name a few:

*1/ intellectual step – learning the Knowledge of the Old Generations, watching and observing the Symbols from outside;

*2/ mental step – meditating on the forms and meanings of the Symbols;

*3/ spiritual step –entering the Symbols, feeling them, dreaming them; becoming one with them;

*4/ creative step – stepping back outside of the Symbols, giving them their new life in the World of our Art works;

*5/ unification step – developing our mind to level of Super consciences by unification of our limited world with the real limitless Universe, living our artificial Symbols in the Harmony with the outside World; and finally, realizing that we didn’t do anything else but were and are a part of the immortal play of growing and developing Humankind; that we are light from the Light forever.

In this way, understanding the Symbols is imagining them like guides in our Journey of Life, and only Language of the Creation.

In the Association of Masonic Arts we are keeping the Gates always open for creative ideas about presentation of our Masonic Symbolic Arts and Culture; and all Brethren are welcome to join our Festivals and Conferences, to share our dream for building one more beautiful world in Peace and Harmony.

Dimitar Mavrov,

Executive Secretary