Hear ye, all good members of the Craft and Men of Good Will,


The Directors and Ambassadors of the Association of Masonic Arts extend their noblest salutation and highest resolve of shared common purpose

to our Chairman of the Board of Directors

Most Honorable MW Brother Thomas W. Jackson

on the occasion of establishing

Annual Award in His Honor

for Masonic Leadership,

and Personal commitment and Dedication

to the Development of the Masonic and Symbolic Arts

in the World.


It is the high privilege of the Association of Masonic Arts to bear witness to the deepest realm of common understanding and support with the Recipients of this Award in Honor of our Noble Masonic Brother.

Every Year the Executive Secretary of the Association of Masonic Arts will consult and choose with the Members of the Board of Directors one Grand Master or Past Grand Master to be honored with this Award, on the base of his support to the organization of the World Festival of Masonic Arts “Apollo”, or creating special Programs for presentation of the Association, and the Masonic Symbolic Arts in the contemporary World.

We attest that all in our Association will give the utmost vigor to bolster the success of their every endeavor for the success of Masonic Light, and appreciation of the Beauty of the Craft throughout the world.

Dimitar Mavrov,

Executive Secretary  of the AMA