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To all Brethren, Members of the Association of Masonic Arts, and Friends of the Symbolism

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Contemporary Masters

Contemporary Masters’ Life and achievements. Biographies, exhibitions, workshops, videos, and articles. The best Masterpieces from the new Generations. Problems of the Art education of the Youths and development of their art skills.



Exhibitions, organized by the Association Arts or its Members in different parts of the World. News around Symbolic Exhibitions and Masonic Authors presented there. Masterpieces from the Exhibitions.

Guest Galleries

Guess Galleries

Guest Galleries from around the World are welcome to be presented with their Authors on our Medias and at the time of our Festivals and Exhibitions. All Cultures, connected to the Masonic and Symbolic Arts are welcome!


Masonic Buildings

Masonic Buildings are the visual monuments of the Symbolic Masonic Material Culture around the World. History of Masonic Buildings and their Architects. Past and Future of the Masonic Architecture. Education of the new Builders and young Generation.



The best from the Old and Contemporary Masters in the Fine Arts and Sculpture. Pieces of Arts from Museums, Private Collections, Exhibitions and Galleries. News around the Masterpieces of the Symbolism and Masonry.


Old Masters

Old Masters of the Fine Arts. Biographies and stories of their life. Contemporary meaning and reading of the art of the Old Masters.

Theory and History of the Music. The Life and work of the Great Composers and Musicians. Contemporary Musicians and their performance around the World. Symbolic and Masonic Musical works.



The Ornaments are very important part and a mark of the Symbolic Culture and Masonic Architecture. The History and development of the Ornaments and details. The modern presentation of the traditional Ornamental Art. Styles and Schools in the History of the Ornaments.

Tracing Boards

Tracing Boards

The Tracing Boards are the base of the Masonic Arts and Material Masonic Culture. The connection of the Tracing Boards with the Symbolic Culture.
History and Masterpieces from different Lodges around the World. Modern Masters of Tracing Boards and Carpets.

Our Collections


To all Brethren, Members of the Association of Masonic Arts, and Friends of the Symbolism – heartily Thanks for all your donations of Paintings, Engravings, Masonic Certificates, Regalia, Heraldic Signs, Sculptures, Photos and Prints to our Collections!