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Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak

The Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak is a vaulted-brickwork "beehive" (tholos) tomb near the town of Kazanlak in central Bulgaria. The tomb is part of a large Thracian necropolis. It comprises a narrow corridor and a round burial chamber, both decorated with murals representing a Thracian couple at a ritual funeral feast. The monument dates back to the 4th century BCE and

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Alexander Nasmyth /1758-1840/

Alexander Nasmyth (9 September 1758 – 10 April 1840) was a Scottish portrait and landscape painter, a follower of Allan Ramsay. Nasmyth was born in Edinburgh on 9 September 1758.[1] He studied at the Royal High School and the Trustees’ Academy and was apprenticed to a coachbuilder. Aged sixteen, he was taken to London by portrait painter Allan Ramsay where he worked on subordinate parts of Ramsay's works.[1] Nasmyth returned

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Benjamin Cole (1695–1766)

Benjamin Cole (1695–1766) was an English surveyor, mapmaker, instrument maker, engraver and bookbinder living in Oxford. Benjamin Cole had a long-standing interest in freemasonry and engraved the frontispiece to the 1756 Book of Constitutions after succeeding John Pine in 1743 as official engraver to the Grand Lodge. Cole drew up the ward maps for the first edition of the historian and topographer William Maitland's (c.1693–1757) posthumous History of

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The Three Philosophers

The Three Philosophers is an oil painting on canvas attributed to the Italian High Renaissance artist Giorgione. It shows three philosophers - one young, one middle-aged, and one old. The work was commissioned by the Venetian noble Taddeo Contarini, a Venetian merchant with an interest in the occult and alchemy. The Three Philosophers was finished one year before the painter died.

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David Bailly

David Bailly (1584–1657) was a Dutch Golden Age painter.  Bailly was born at Leyden in the Dutch Republic, the son of a Flemish immigrant, calligrapher and fencing master, Peter Bailly. As a draftsman, David was pupil of his father and the copper engraverJacques de Gheyn. David Bailly apprenticed with a surgeon-painter Adriaan Verburg[1] in Leiden and then with Cornelius van der Voort, a portrait

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Vanitas Still Life

De Gheyn /1565 – March 29, 1629/ was a wealthy amateur who is best known as a brilliant draftsman, but he also painted and engraved. This panel is generally considered to be the earliest known independent still life painting of avanitas subject. The skull, large bubble, cut flowers, and smoking urn refer to the brevity of

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Apollo in Marble

Statues of Apollo from British Museum, London; Musée du Louvre, Paris; Cleveland Museum of Art; Museo Pio Clementino, Musei Vaticani, Vatican City; Naples, Archaeological Museum; Patras, New Archaeological Museum.

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