FRATERNAL – by Marlene Guedes

You are the companion of a man
That builds the world!

Masonic Arts
Masonic Arts

And, that of the rough stone, made the basis of your life.
And each day will polishing, esmerilando and burilando this stone.
To become ever more worthy.
Getting stronger.
Become always good, like a true Mason!
You are the companion of a man
That’s for basic principles: Freedom,
Equality and fraternity.
Yeah, be Mason’s practice the good of truth.
It is to be the foundation of a world good
Where all if even before God and before
The law.
Because Freemasonry is a grey.
Where the theme is always serve!
You’re the wife of a man.
Who believes in the power and the goodness of God:
Great Architect of the universe.
And that is why I ask you:
Help your husband to pursue!
And you, you happy, you’ll see that life makes sense.
Your husband has a duty to be fulfilled.
To always serve and never be served!…
And Your Mason-free is to build the world
Where the right hand does, without the left to see.
Taking the solace where the pain free rein.
Taking bread where the hungry sow death and
Taking refuge to the widow, the orphan, son
To the poor and the desassistido.
Comforting who cries, lifting the fallen…
The weak, raising his brother!…
You can be proud of you for being the wife of a freemason,
Because Freemasonry is wise and immortal!!
She preaches doctrine of good versus evil,
Of forgiveness against hatred.
Of brotherly love, which by the way,
Still will be spread over the earth.
And, in particular the freemasons, preaches love and
The belief in God…
Because she is the basis of society.
Be Mason is to gather all the necessary qualities.
To know love.
I want to work.
And to be able to serve…
Peace against the war.
And in the symbolism of the instruments employed in art and in construction.
In the square and compass are in
The Universal Símblos of Freemasonry
And, by the way, who builds, builds for the future,
And in the greatness of Freemasonry I swear
You only you can gloat of joy
Because the Mason, it’s a labourer of truth.
Why Freemasonry, is united and strong.
And be a bad mason is preferable to death.
Than be an outcast in society!