Theory and Authors of the Symbolic Culture. History of the Symbolism.
Masterpieces and connections to the Masonic Arts. Contemporary tendencies of the development of the Symbolic Culture.

Benjamin Cole (1695–1766)

Benjamin Cole (1695–1766) was an English surveyor, mapmaker, instrument maker, engraver and bookbinder living in Oxford. Benjamin Cole had a long-standing interest in freemasonry and engraved the frontispiece to the 1756 Book of Constitutions after succeeding John Pine in 1743 as official engraver to the Grand Lodge. Cole drew up the ward maps for the first edition of the historian and topographer William Maitland's (c.1693–1757) posthumous History of

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John Pine (1690–1756)

John Pine (1690–1756) was an English designer, engraver, and cartographer notable for his artistic contribution to the Augustan style and Newtonian scientific paradigm that flourished during the British Enlightenment. Pine began his career as an apprentice goldsmith. He also apprenticed with the French engraver Bernard Picart (1673–1733), who was associated with a movement described as the “Radical Enlightenment.”

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by R.W.Bro. C.S.Madhavan P.G.J.W. Grand Lodge of India Was not all the knowledge Of the Aegyptians writ in mystic symbols? Speak not the scriptures oft in parables? Are not the choicest fables of the poets, That were the fountains and first springs of wisdom, Wrapp’d in perplexed allegories? Ben Johnson: The Alchemist The symbolism of

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Symbolic Masonic Still Life

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Masonic Certificates from Italy

Honorable Brother Cristiano Franceschini, Noble Ambassador of the AMA to Italy, presented unique Masonic Certificates from XIX and early XX Century. Amazing art work of our Italian Brethren!

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“SPIRITUALITY OF FREEMASONRY – A LEARNING IN HIGHER EDUCATION” By W.Bro. Bharat V. Epur Worshipful Master – Madras Masters Lodge No.103 (2010) [PM – L 327 (2001), PM – L 218 (2004), PM – L 190 (2005), PM – L 109 (2005 & 2006), PM – L 72(2008)] Vice President of Grand Stewards; Brethren, let us

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