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FRATERNAL – by Marlene Guedes

You are the companion of a man That builds the world! Masonic Arts And, that of the rough stone, made the basis of your life. And each day will polishing, esmerilando and burilando this stone. To become ever more worthy. Getting stronger. Become always good, like a true Mason! You are the companion

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THE BUILDERS by Joseph Fort Newton – part 3

CHAPTER 2 The Working Tools It began to shape itself to my intellectual vision into something more imposing and majestic, solemnly mysterious and grand. It seemed to me like the Pyramids in their loneliness, in whose yet undiscovered chambers may be hidden, for the enlightenment of coming generations, the sacred books of the Egyptians, so

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Israeli Freemasonry

Leon Zeldis, FPS, 33° PSGC, Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite for the State of Israel Honorary Adjunct Grand Master The first National Grand Lodge in Israel was constituted on 1933, even before the creation of the State, and brought together all the Lodges that had been working under Egyptian or French jurisdictions. The English-speaking

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The Level and The Square (1854)

Dr. Robert Morris (1818-1888) Past Grand Master (1858-1859) of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, USA Chartered Royal Solomon Mother Lodge #293 (1873, Israel's first regular) We meet upon the Level and we part upon the Square. What words of precious meaning, those words Masonic are! Come, let us contemplate them! They are worthy of a

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Honorable Brother Christopher’s posts

Dear Friends of Masonic Arts, Please check the latest updates of the relevant pages on Freimaurer - Wiki, made by Our Honorable RW Brother Christopher Sicurella, who is a member of the Editorial Board and Contributing Author. THE AMA WHO IS WHO http://freimaurer-wiki.de/index.php/En:_The_AMA_Who_is_Who ENGLISH http://freimaurer-wiki.de/index.php/En:_Association_of_Masonic_Arts GERMAN http://freimaurer-wiki.de/index.php/Association_of_Masonic_Arts PORTUGESE http://freimaurer-wiki.de/index.php/Association_of_Masonic_Arts  FERENC SEBOK http://freimaurer-wiki.de/index.php/Ferenc_Sebok  

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Invitation from Grand Lodge of India

Dear Brethren and Friends of Masonic Arts, The Grand Lodge of India is holding its First Global Summit of 'Masonic Friends of India' between November 19-21, 2016. Large number of delegates are expected from Africa, UK, Mauritius, South East Asia. Please, feel welcome to register for this amazing Inaugural Masonic Global Summit! It is always

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Masonic Poems by Honorable Brother Bernard Ghilissen

Le maillet   Terrible, le coup du maillet Symbole de l’autorité L’impétrant, courbé,  arrive Sans comprendre, entame ses pas Dans sa tête  les bruits dérivent De l’équerre et du compas   The mallet   Terrible, the blow of the mallet Symbol of authority The apprentice, curved, arrives Without understanding, begins to override In his mind

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New Ambassadors to the City of Brasilia, Brazil

Brethren and Friends of the Masonic Arts, please Welcome heartily our new Ambassadors from Brazil: to the City of Brasilia - South - Honorable Brother Natanael South de Almeida to the City of Brasilia - North - Honorable Brother Edson Fernandes Kdouk to the City of Brasilia - West - Honorable Brother Carlos Eduardo Pereira

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Guillaume Philippe Benoist

Guillaume Philippe Benoist was a French engraver and Brother Mason. He was born in Normandy in 1725, but did a lot of portraits and engravings in England. Nine panoramic views of Rio de Janeiro: Da Ilha das Cobras. Philippe Benoist (1813-c.1905) and Eugene Ciceri (1813-1890). Lithograph. 45 x 71cm. He died in London

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Freemasonry in the Bahamas

1837 – Royal Victoria Lodge, No. 443 was chartered in Nassau by the United Grand Lodge of England, and a second lodge, Turks Island Forth Lodge, No. 647, was erected on Grand Turk Island in 1855. Both have survived. There were earlier English lodges but they were short-lived. There were also Scottish lodges in the

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