The Dutch and Flemish Masters

The Exhibition at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC is incredible presentation of the supreme mastership of the old Netherlands Masters. In the 17th century the middle and upper classes of the Netherlands played a central role in the History of Arts. Their enthusiasm in collecting Masterpieces and decorating their homes with paintings

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THE BUILDERS by Joseph Fort Newton – part 5

PART II HISTORY CHAPTER 1 Free-Masons The curious history of Freemasonry has unfortunately been treated only by its panegyrists or calumniators, both equally mendacious. I do not wish to pry into the mysteries of the craft; but it would be interesting to know more of their history during the period when they were literally architects.

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Happy New Year!

Let this to be the Year, dear Brethren and Friends of Masonic and Symbolic Arts: for all dreams to became alive, for all projects to be build, for the Columns of the Strength, Wisdom and Beauty to be raised! All of us have some unfinished projects, and long time kept good ideas -    let now

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